I took the picture featured here this past weekend on a whim.

Ella. taken with an iPhone 6
taken with an iPhone 6
My sisters, 3 years old and 9 years old were playing around in the front yard after a quick garage sale we held to try and get rid of some extra stuff we had.

Of course, my youngest sister Ella is completely photogenic, and I had her do a few poses, the best one ending up here on this post. I find that the best ways to capture a moody picture is through a high contrast and darker lighting.

However, this photo ending up having a brighter lighting than I normally have it for a black and white photo. I struggled for a while with it, trying to figure out if I should keep it in color or black and white.

I’m sure that you all know about Instagram filters. They have fantastic ways to edit the pictures, but my favorite is actually the iPhone photo editor, and Snapseed by Google. I prefer those for some reason, unlike other people, because I feel like simple is better… maybe it’s just me??

I do agree with people when they say that they don’t like the iPhone filters. I feel that they look a bit overdone, although I do like their black and white filters, as long as I can edit the rest myself.

Another picture I feel turned out well that weekend was this one of my brother.

You have to admit it- The lighting is fantastic on that one.

Another tip for photography-

Changing the brightness and darkness of a picture can add that more emphasis on the light of a certain photograph.

…and it also helps to have amazing models 🙂

The other side
The Other Side. (taken with an iPhone 6)



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