Food: Le District 

I love salads. A few months ago when I went to work with my dad at the World Financial Center, I jumped at the chance to try Chop’t down at Hudson Eats.

For those of you who don’t know Chop’t, shame on you…

Le District

No. Just kidding 🙂

Chop’t is a make-your-own salad company that also specializes in wraps, that was founded by Tony Shure, and Colin McCabe.

They were fantastic the last time I went, so today, since I was back at work with my dad, I jumped at the chance.

I ended up at “Le District” instead. I’m not saying that Chop’t has gone downhill recently. It’s quite the opposite. When I went down, the line stretched around their section of Hudson Eats.

Personally, I absolutely dislike waiting in line. Since each person customizes their own salad, I estimated that it would take an hour till I could order.

I might as well starve…

I was extremely hungry, and so I went down to Le District, since I heard that it was the same.

It basically was. I was pleasantly surprised. Now, let me tell you that I am very, very scrutinizing of my salads. My idea is that if I can make it myself at home, it’s not worth buying.

My salad was worth all 6 of the dollars spent.

First of all, it was kind of like Chipotle, but with salads. You could choose your own type of greens or lettuce, the toppings on it, dressing, and any protein, such as steak, shrimp, and chicken with bell peppers.

My salad had romaine lettuce, chickpeas, corn, broccoli, a boiled egg, cranberries, caesar dressing, and sauteed chicken with bell peppers.

I also liked how you could choose how much/little of the toppings, and how heavy on the dressing. Personally, I like light on the dressing, so it was great that i could have options.

Conclusion? Visit Le District. It’s worth it. Seriously.

Le District Salad
Le District Salad


4/5 stars




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