I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Madisyn Claire Yoo, but please, call me Madi 🙂

My blog’s name was inspired by my late grandmother, whose nickname for me was Madi Girl.

I’m just your typical high schooler, with a not-so-typical obsession love for ballet. I love vintage, photography, new restaurants, adventuring, serving my church, blogging, fellowship, writing, and reading.

I have four siblings, Lucas (age 11), Maya (age 9), Ella, (age 3), and Dylan (newborn), so i’m the oldest.

Let’s see… to me, the most important things besides my church and family, is my photography and my dancing. By no means am I a prodigy in any of these. What I do have is a strong determination and dedication to the things that I love. I guess you could say i’m a “go big or go home” type of girl. I have big dreams… some may say i’m overshooting, but I never think that way. Everyone has the same ideas, and the same dreams. Execution is everything. Hard work beats talent, and I believe that I can make my dreams a reality… no matter how cheesy that may sound.

My goal is principal ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet… I also would love to be in graphic design or business 🙂

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Please remember to follow to join me on my journey towards my dreams.

With Love,

“Dance for yourself; if someone understands, good. If not, then no matter — go right on doing what you love.” ~Lois Hurst

PC: Derya Ekin



9 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Ballet, photography, family, and church… what lovely interests, and I don’t mean that at all sardonically. I really do approve, and I love how dedicated you are to it! Best of luck to you. ❤ Ballet is so graceful… your dancing is just excellent!


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