The Many Benefits of Moving

photo creds: derya ekin

It’s always hard to move away. I have lived in my current location on the East Coast for three years now, and I am planning on moving to California.

These photos were taken with my two ballet friends, as one of our final get togethers before I move away.

Something I have really learned about moving, is that it’s not bad leaving friends behind. Though many people may think it devastating, I find it interesting that I can have friends in so many different places. It may be hard leaving, but exploring new places, and trying new things I find can be way more exciting than staying in one area your whole life.

I have lived in San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, and I really do think that living in different places is one of the best things that ever happen to me. Different customs of new areas is amazing to experience. Although it can be hard to figure out how people in different towns and states see the world, you find yourself in awe of what people have to offer.

I am very lucky to experience these things. In the area that I live in, there are “Blue Laws” where businesses are closed on Sundays in order to acknowledge the Sabbath. Although I am religious, but not Jewish, it is really great for me to see the strong faith of the people in my town. I also have learned that dance and theater plays a big role in New Jersey. There are so many talented people I have met over the years.

Although I was hesitant to move to New Jersey, I now know that through my experience, and keeping an open mind, you will truly be blessed, and surprised at the opportunities than come your way. and I (derya ekin) and I
PC: thepointeofnoreturn (derya ekin)
PC: (derya ekin)

3 thoughts on “The Many Benefits of Moving

  1. The Sabbath on Sunday is a Catholic thing. It would be Friday’s if you were Jewish. 🙂 And where I’m from we did have Blue Laws as well. Stores used to be closed on Sunday, then they were open limited hours (and only some were open). Now they’re almost all open but with shorter hours. And employers are required to pay employees time and a half on Sunday’s. You also cannot force anyone to work on a Sunday. And liquor sales are (so far as I know) still illegal on Sunday’s!

    Lots of different things to learn and experience when you live different places. So far I’ve lived in Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington! All have been different, but all have been fun!

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me! I truly appreciate it. I also experience resting on Sunday’s with Christianity. Now that I’ve moved to California, I don’t have the blue laws anymore, but New Jersey definitely opened my eyes up to different rituals! 🙂


      1. My husband is from CA so he was very surprised by the way we do things in MA. I think it’s sad all places don’t have blue laws honestly. People should have a day reserved for spending with their families, or just for resting in general. And if they’re not afforded that rest, they should be compensated for that. But I understand not everyone holds these beliefs so I can see why the rules are different wherever you go.


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