Maya- Taken on an iPhone 6

These photos were taken yesterday when visiting our friends’ house. They have 3 kids, all who are close to my siblings and my own age. My friend even has her own blog, which you guys should check out:

Rachel’s Blog
The sunlight was beautiful, around 7:00 pm when the light was fading. With some persuasion,(aka, bribing with a cupcake) I was able to get my youngest sister, Ella, who you all have seen on my “Beauty” post, to stand against the fence to model for me.

Taken with a fisheye lens

I do admit that I am an amateur photographer, so if you all have any tips for me, they would be gladly appreciated!

Happy 4th of July to you all! See you in the next post 🙂

Love, Madi


3 thoughts on “Sunlight-Photography 

  1. I’ve looked at your pictures and they are all quite nice. The best advice that I can offer, keep practicing and keep learning. I’m self taught and though I’ve been paid to do photography…I’m still reluctant to call myself a “Professional”. Each of us has our own style and there are always little tricks and knowledge that other photographers have picked up along the way. I watch a lot of you tube videos with photography tips and follow other photographers who often offer tips and what not. You definitely seem to have the eye for so with a practice and a lot of trial and error, you will see how your photography changes as you grow. At least that is what works for me.

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