What Is My Purpose?

Today’s post is all about purpose. All of us want to be needed, loved, and feel like our life is meaningful to the people around us. However, we always ask:

“What is my purpose?” “What do I do with my life?”

Well… Here’s what I have to say about that….

  1. Nothing worth having comes easy. If we want to have a purpose; if we want to know what to do with our lives, we need to work for it. No one really has a purpose if they lay around on their couch, waiting for something to happen, although that’s totally me  although I can do that sometimes.
  2. Today should always be better than yesterday. When we continue to always be the best in a competitive world, we forget the main thing that I personally believe everyone should strive for: Making each day the better version of the day before…
  3. Take time to do what makes you happy. As a dancer, it’s hard when the profession you aim for doesn’t pay well. However, I believe in doing what makes you excited, and eager to start the day.

The bottom line? I think that our main purpose is to touch the lives of each and every person that we meet.

About a year or two ago, my Literary Analysis teacher shared this mind blowing video with us about change, and how we can affect so many different people.

And it’s true. If you continually go through life with that outlook, so many possibilities arise. Don’t keep knocking at the same door of opportunity if it won’t open… because a simple hello and smile may lead to a million other things.



3 thoughts on “What Is My Purpose?

  1. A good, thoughtful post, Madi! God has a purpose for all of us in this life. We are to serve others in His name. Love others as He loves us. This is very similar to what you are saying here…



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