Confessions of a Procrastinator

Hello. If you are reading this right now, either you are a procrastinator… or are interested in the art of procrastination… (that’s not a thing, but it should be) or like reading my blog posts… or something. Anywaysssss….

With school coming around fast, a lot of us are either super good and fast workers (perfectionists), super good but slow workers (aka perfectionists),  the i-dont-even-care workers, or the procrastinators… So, here’s what procrastination looks like in my own academic adventures… 🙂

me: alright, I guess it’s time to start my homework! -insert deep breath here-

me: *opens pinterest* “let’s get some motivation in right before, shall we?”

me: *tries out the artsy projects and DIYs from Pinterest*

me: *films YouTube video about said DIY*

me: *watches 15 youtube videos*

me: *dances all the ballet variations I know, within the confined space of my bedroom*

me: *reads Les Mis*

me: *writes 15 blog posts about procrastination, writes a novel*

me: *publishes said novel*

me: *takes the ring to Mordor*

me: *defeats Lord Voldemort*

me: *should I start my homework now…?*

me: *drops book* well, it’s too far away now, so I guess it’s too late to start. Anyways… With that insight of my life (no hate please…) let’s get into this post. Phases of Procrastination (admit it!!) Before you get home: ” Oh, I am SOOO going to be productive today, and oh yeah, i’ve got to finish that book, study so I can get an A+ on that test, and totally get so much done, and come on, i’ll get like 10 hours of sleep tonight too!!”  ** sorry to those who aren’t in school… Let’s pretend this is after work…? -insert awkward smile here-

AT HOME: 1. The first thing you do is search up ideas for your project/assignment/essay… surely that’ll help you get a better grade… right…?? No? Okay then…

2. But you get kinda bored so you just kind of stare solemnly at the wall, and think of everything BUT the task at hand. Kind of like this girl…

3. You also happen to think of some awesome scenarios for the next day… Or some super deep thoughts… 200

4.  You kid yourself…. “Oh yeah,  I think some extra moments on Netflix will be fine… Maybe this TV show here will help me with my Calculus assignment…”

5. Let’s diverge from the situation!!! You know, maybe now’s a great time to do that laundry sitting in the corner…. Right? And maybe those dishes…. and go through piles of junk under my bed… And maybe make myself a 5 star meal!giphy

6. I know!!! I totally wanted to organize my sock drawer… And maybe my closet… And my clothes from 3rd grade!!!

7. Hehe… It’s not like it’ll be the end of the world if you DIDN’T do it today… Right!?


8. But of course, you knew you wouldn’t have done it the first time already…     Anyways… Thanks a bunch for reading this post!  Like and subscribe if you agree that this is totally true 🙂 Love, Madi


7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Procrastinator

  1. I feel like I’m half a procrastinator, but also half perfectionist.Though I only procrastinate on projects and such, because I tend to finish everything in one day and I can’t work in separate chunks, so I save it all for one day which makes it seem like I’m procrastinating which I really am.


  2. and while reading your blog… I am actually going to stage 1 when I am currently telling myself “This project/work isn’t due yet.” Hahaha! alright! I’ll get to work now. Really! As in NOW! Okay Bye! -lol-


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