Back to School: 2015 Essentials + July/August Favorites

hey everyone!! With the dawn of a new school year comes back to school shopping… -insert Snoopy happy dance here-

I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely love back to school shopping. I’m sure that if you all have been reading my blog posts, you know about how much I like keeping things organized and decorating things. This year, since my Mom just had our newest baby brother, Dylan, she couldn’t go with us since she had to take care of our brother.

My cousin, Hope, who’s 20, took my sister Maya and I to Target to go back to school shopping. I didn’t have a back to school shopping list from the school, so I was able to choose my own things and really have fun with it.

Since I am so extremely late on my July Favorites (I’m so sorry!!!!) I decided to combine this post with my back to school post. If you see the product with this symbol: ā™„, it means that it is a July and August favorite… and it’s listed in this post for a reason :). I promise it’s all worth checking out and trying, so everything specifically mentioned will be listed down below.

So, here’s my list of back to school essentials, and the necessities for my backpack šŸ™‚

Backpack Essentials


** products specifically mentioned will be linked down below

  1. Lotion. I don’t know about you guys, but my hands are ALWAYS DRY. I go through lotion like crazy, so I like to always have one or two of the EOS Lotions in my backpack. The container is very slim and compact, and the lotion absorbs really fast, and has a nice scent that isn’t too strong. I really recommend this, and you can buy it at Target or online.
  2. Hair rubber bands. Ok, I know that most people, from what I know, like to keep a rubber band or two on their wrist, but hey, you never know when those things will snap! One time when I was in science class, the girls had to put our hair up since our experiment had to do with fire. Well… while I was putting mine up, the rubber band snapped and almost hit the mini fire underneath our test tubes… not very good.
  3. Mints. I’ve been super into those Ice Breakers Duo Fruit+Cool mints. They taste like a complex combination of candy and mints. On top of being super tasty, they’re really handy for after lunch šŸ™‚
  4. Extra pencils. Now, I don’t mean really good pencils for yourself. I mean the regular pencils that you don’t really need… because really, whenever people ask you for a pen or a pencil, 75% of the time they don’t give it back… unless you practically BEG for it… am I the only one who experiences this??!!
  5. Blotting Sheets. oilsheetsI don’t about you guys, but these are lifesavers. If you haven’t used them before, I really recommend picking up a pack or two of these. Basically what they do, is you blot your face lightly with the sheets, and it picks up any excess oils, without ruining your makeup. The pack is tiny enough to fit into your makeup pouch for school, or even simply in the front pocket of your backpack.
  6. Chapsticks. Just like lotion, my lips get chapped every once in awhile, so I really like to have an extra lip balm in my backpack pouch for when I need it throughout the school day. I really like the (ā™„)Burt’s Bees Coconut and Pear lip balm, especially with its nice scent, so i’ll link it down below if you’d like to try it out.

My Favorite School Supplies

Next, I’ll be listing my favorite school supplies that have worked for me throughout the years. I absolutely love trying out new binders and supplies, so please leave me a comment if there’s anything you recommend for me!


**products specifically mentioned will be linked down below

1. Five Star Flex Hybrid Notebinder. (ā™„) I actually just discovered this product by Five Star this past back to school shopping trip!! Since I havs0736054_sc7e more freedom going into high school, I have the opportunity to try out new products. What I really liked about this, was that, hence the name, it was a combination of both a traditional five star binder, and a notebook. I’ve always been a big fan of the brand, and the fact that it came with several pocket folders and lined paper, with super strong flexible rings (THAT WILL NOT BREAK) was great for me.

2. Five Star Plastic Binder. Seriously though. I will never, ever use another brand again. This binder seriously is one of the best on the market. The colors are nice, the quality of the front and the back is great, and the rings hardly ever break. The cover of the binder is a really nice, durable plastic, that is great in case something is spilled, or the binder is dropped. The binder additionally comes with a nice pocket folder that is perfect for handouts. I bought this traditional binder for my Math and English class, in the 1.5 inch size, since most likely I would be getting more handouts and papers in those classes.


3. Planners. 

I always love using planners throughout the school year, that can work as an academic one, and also a regulaIMG_1234r lifestyle planner, so I was really excited when I found the planner (ā™„) I am using by Paper Source for this upcoming school year. It’ll be linked down below, but as you can see, it’s really nice, with a black and gold stamped cover. There’s also a lot of room for assignments, and places to remind me when I have ballet or a babysitting job.

4. Sturdy Pencil Cases. I don’t know about you all, but i’ve learned that keeping a pencil case in my binder doesn’t really work for me. The rings get ripped or broken, and the binder rings always get caught in the pencil case. That’s why, for this year, I found a really nice way I can keep my pencils, pens, post-its, etc, altogether, and organized. I’m actually really, really excited about this pouch from LeSportsac (ā™„ā™„). I got it from a friend as a gift, but I found it to be asolutely perfect for school supplies.

I really really recommenDSC_0946DSC_0950d this, whether you use it for school or not. The main interior pocket is perfect for highlighters, a pack of post its, and extra rubber bands, or whatever you may need. The 2 mesh side pockets are also perfect to divide your pencils and pens,    and also keeps your supplies organized.

I love this pouch so much, i’ve included my own pictures of my pouch to show you how awesome it is.DSC_0948


Linked Products:

EOS Lotions

Blotting Sheets

Burt’s Bees Coconut and Pear Chapstick

Five Star Hybrid Flex NoteBinder

Five Star Plastic Binder

Paper Source Planner

LeSportsac Pencil/Cosmetic Pouch


That concludes this Back to School Favorites post!!! I really hope you all found some products that you’ll be trying soon.

Let me know if you have any questions about the supplies and products that I have listed here, and I will gladly answer them for you. I go back to school tomorrow…

Thanks for reading this post, and please be sure to follow, like, and comment. šŸ™‚

Love, Madi


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