Quote of the Day :)


good morning ☼

I found this quote recently, and I thought it might be nice to post this as a little inspiration for you all. I found it on my Pinterest (of course) while I was scrolling a day or so ago, and it really got me thinking. 

I’m sure that there are several people we all know, who happen to be people that are the opposite of what the quote above says to be. 

We all should learn to be “strong, but not rude”, continually strive to be “kind, not weak”. We should know humility, and be proud of ourselves for our accomplishments, but know not to be arrogant. 


I know this is definitely something I need to work on, which is probably why it made me think so deeply about it. 

What about you all? What are some thoughts you have?

Let me know 😉 

Have a good Monday! Go out into the world and be the fabulous people you are  â™¡ 




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